How Do I Contact Pharmacists Working In Muscat?


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If you're looking for a pharmacist who is currently working in Muscat, I'd recommend trying out the following sites to get the information you want:

How can I find a pharmacist in Muscat?

Muscat is the capital city of Oman. It is the country's most affluent city, and is home to over 730,000 people- some of whom are employed as pharmacists.

If you're looking to contact a pharmacist in Muscat (whatever your reason may be), I'd recommend paying the following sites a visit:

Linked-in: This site is well-known for being a useful tool for employs and employers looking to build work connections.

A search for pharmacists on Oman brings up over 300 profiles, so this is probably a good place to start.

Omani Ministry of Health- Is another site you might want to take a look at. The Sultanate's official Ministry of Health website is a good source for information such as drug prices and job vacancies, and through the contact details listed, you may even be able to get in touch with a pharmaceutical professional.

Oman Medical College- The website of the medical college is a useful source of information about the Omani medical field. If you're looking to meet a pharmacy graduate in Oman, the chances are they've passed through the doors of the medical college.
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Pharmacists in Muscat, Oman can be contacted through Ministry of Health (MOH) in UAE and I have  a useful link for the ones needing any medical help. It can be contacted through

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