Tell Me About A Problem Or Difficult Decision You Had To Make On Your Job And How You Solved It?


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Aisha answered
I was once relocated to a suburban area. I was very upset and did not want to work any further. I then realized that it was for my benefit and I should take it as a challenge. Then saw me performing well and I got promoted after 6 months.
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I was working as a dog groomer, I started noticing a lot of pits coming in, deeply scarred, or too submissive, underfeed, with silver or gold chains. I knew what was up, I also knew they held the fights just a few miles away. I started compiling a list.

We also had a self wash option, where people could use our tubs and products. A lot of cops came in to bathe their canines. One day after seeing a particularly bad wound on a dogs neck, the owner just wanted me to clean off the blood. Later that day I turned my list over to the sergeant. Subsuquently 23 dogs were taken, unfortunately the majority were put down because of their reactions to how bad they were treated. It's real hard sometimes to know the difference between the right thing to do. It still bothers me, sometimes.

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