What The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coaching?


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Some of advantages of coaching are as follows:

• Achievement of goals.
Coaching may encourage you to achieve your goals. It may teach you a practical method to approach problems and work your way through or around them. 

• Personal Growth.
All coaching proceeds at the rate you require. This can help you learn faster and essentially grow much more quickly than if you were left on your own to tutor or train yourself.

Some of the disadvantages:

• Coaching Costs.
Coaches have to make a living, just like everyone else. As a result, they will charge you for their services. This can be difficult if you are on a low or reduced income as such services are inevitably costly.

• Personal Matching.
Training with coaches always involves a working relationship with them. The problems of personal contact in a pressurized environment with another human being can sometimes be awkward. Some coaches may not necessarily get along with you, and this will impact on the standard of coaching you receive.

• Standard of teaching.
The coach needs to be accredited, as well as having a proven track record. There is no point in employing a coach who has poor teaching methods or doesn't know his subject particularly well. This is more likely to regress you rather than progress you.

• Conflicting goals.
Be very sure of what you are trying to achieve in employing a coach in the first place.  If your goals do not match each other, for instance wanting to run a marathon but at the same time looking to have more time to relax in, then the coaching will be difficult, if not impossible.

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