What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Offices?


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When we have a virtual office benefits and draw backs always follow it. Some of the advantages involve:
1- You have a relaxing work environment
2- More part time workers can be hired
3- Releases the stress on employees
4- Even your environment do not have to suffer pollution as you don't have to drive daily to your work place
5- Time is saved
6- Time can be managed very effectively
7- Eat better food than compensating on just fast food
8- A larger number of employees can work since there is no tension of shortage of place
Certainly, there are a number of draw backs as well:

1- You might feel alone if you work only at your place daily
2- You may face technical difficulties
3- Neither the administration nor the management is there to support you
4- Your work team will lack cohesion since they do not communicate directly
5- So lack of face to face communication may results in misunderstandings and confusion
6- Even you cannot differentiate between the work time and the office time since the work is always there with you

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