What Are The Contribution Of F.W Taylor In Management Thought?


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F.W. Taylor contributed a number of principles and features of management thought that adhered to his new concept of approaching management thought scientifically. He was one of the founders of management thought theory and is considered the father of scientific management. His ideas were developed and used for decades after the concept was created.

• Principles of scientific management. Taylor believed that scientific management consists of a philosophy that results in a combination of four main principles. The first principle suggests that management need to develop the best way to complete a job. It is the task of finding the best method for achieving the objectives of a given job. The second principle states that management must carry out a scientific selection of their workers and develop them through proper management. Thirdly, management must carry out a scientific approach. That is, a true science should be developed in all fields of work activity. The fourth and final principle states that there should be an elimination on conflicts between methods and men. Workers are likely to resist new methods and this can be avoided by using it as an opportunity to offer more wages.
• Features of scientific management. Taylor put forward a huge number of features of scientific management. One was the introduction of the standard task which every worker is expected to complete within a day. This task should be calculated through scientific investigation and work study is essential. Taylor also suggested that tasks need to be planned. In order for workers to carry out this task every day, it will need to be planned actively. A scientific selection and training of workers is another feature of scientific management put forward by Taylor. This selection and training will contribute towards the production activities.

Taylor is renowned for his research and work into management thought and scientific management. His suggested principles and features have helped model the scientific approach to management.

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