What Are The Contribution Of Henry Towne In Management?


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Management is something that is very important, and Towne ensured that everyone understood the benefits of working quicker to ensure that more products could be made and therefore more profits. The workers were to make more money if they worked at a quicker place and therefore everyone had the incentive to ensure that as many products as possible could be produced within a time scale that was going to be realistic and sometimes impressive.

· Understand the time to create products

Products used to be produced on a very small scale within a large amount of time given. The more products you are going to create within a certain amount of given time, the more money you are going to make and therefore you the more you can provide to your customers. Today we have machines to ensure that this can be made possible however, Towne had to ensure that the workers had the incentive to work as much as possible by ensuring that they got all of the funds that they needed.

· Making the workers happy

If the workers within a company are happy, then management is going to be successful. You need to ensure that the work force is not going to have any problems to make sure that they products are going to be made as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You are not going to want to have no products produced because your workforce gave up and didn't like the management which was in place.

Management needs plans and actions and this is what is going to ensure that different companies are going to succeed and that they are not going to have any problems along the way. A company needs management and Towne understood this and ensured that this was his top priority when it came to producing products and making the work force happy, as well as making as much money as possible.

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