What Is The Salary For An Air Hostess In South Afica In The Rand?


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The starting salary for an air hostess in South Africa in the local currency is around ZAR 4000 per month. It has been stated that this can almost double depending on the amount of flying the cabin crew member is participating in. This is also open to increase through promotion. There is also medical insurance and a pension plan available.

  • The process of finding a job

For someone who wishes to become an air hostess in South Africa, they must first apply with their chosen airline. As with most jobs in the current economic climate, competition is rife. In fact, it is believed that less than 10% of people who apply are accepted onto the next level.

This is due to the fact that it is very expensive for airlines to accommodate for their cabin crew members. Once they hire a new team member, that person must be funded to go through training procedures as well as to receive their uniforms.

  • Typical training of an air hostess, and what it includes

In the event of acceptance, each cabin crew member will undergo training. Please not however that some airlines prefer to hire crew members that are already experienced in the training to cut the cost. However, training consists of various aspects, some of which include:

  • How to safely evacuate to the aircraft
  • How to use first aid
  • How to manage passengers
  • How to deal with a decompressed cabin

Once the training has been complete, crew members will moved onto to the next section of the process. However, crew members will be assessed by senior staff every three to six months as well as attending retraining every year.

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