What is the monthly Salary for a pediatrician in SOUTH AFRICA?


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According to,_Gener the salary for a pediatrician is R150,000 to R697,765.

  • PayScale Answer

The answer found at PayScale via the link provided does not indicate this as a monthly salary. In fact as you can see from the range it is most likely a salary range of information found that includes lower level positions and higher paid pediatricians. It does say it is the national salary data, but the range is rather large. It is the only site to provide an answer, but you may want to do some fact checking to see a more accurate number and what it actually is on a monthly scale.

  • Library Information for Salaries
A library is probably the best way to get the data you are seeking. You may have to make a few phone calls to speak with a librarian with regards to your question and how to find the answer. A lot of times a library will have information on a national scale, so that you can find out what job related information is provided. In the USA at least there are job books with descriptions and average salaries. A lot of libraries also have electronic formats that you may be able to order no matter where you live. You might also find these books in stores online.

  • Contact a Local Pediatrician
The person that will know the most is a person that works in the industry. If you want accurate information quickly then speaking with a pediatrician in South Africa should provide you with a monthly salary number. If you talk with a few then you will be able to determine the median amount pediatricians get paid on a monthly basis in South Africa.

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