What Is An Example Of An Oligarchy Government?


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Oligarchy means 'rule by few'.
So an oligarchy government would be one where the power is held by 'elites'.
An example of this can be seen in the past South African government, rule was held by the europeans (which was a minority of the population) , so this is race oligarchy.

Democracy is seen as the end to oligarchy however there is the concept of 'the iron law of oligarchy' which suggests that even in democratic states the elite rule. ( I don't believe this is true as we have elections, referendums, etc to stop such abuse of power from occurring).

So to summarise my point.
An oligarchy government is one which is ruled/governed by the elite..the few, the minority.
An oligarchy government will typically be ruled by those who represent either wealth, intellect,  military power, or religious hegemony.

For more info google search it, or pop into your local library and look for this book ~> Comparative Government and Politics:An introduction, by R.Hague and M.Harrop
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