What Are The Different Types Of Government?


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Monarchy, republic, anarchy, democratic and parliment.
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There are several forms of governments, many of them exist in today's world as well. There is the most sought after and idealistic Democracy. In it people vote their representatives to power. Though the obvious advantage seems to be the ability of people to vote non performers out after their term the public at large is not very mature, more so in underdeveloped countries. Then there is Monarchy where the King or Sultan rules and his or her heirs follow. Examples are Saudi Arabia, Oman etc. In Thailand and the U.K. The political system is a constitutional monarchy with very little authority with the nominal sovereign. There is Communism or a Communist Government where collective ownership is practised and religion and class have no role in society. There is also Autocracy or dictatorship like in the case of the now deceased tyrant Saddam Hussein. Others include Aristocracy, Theocracy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy etc.          All in all government in any form is supposed to be an instrument in the hands of those who actually hold power.
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Multiparty democracy
Limited Democracy
Military Junta
One-party state

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