Why Is Piggery More Profitable Than Poultry?


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Piggery could be considered the least resource intensive activity and in terms of resources allocated the cheapest of all.

Chickens are the only species within the poultry industry to be more efficient than pigs in converting feed into body weight. But pigs can literally be fed garbage. They can eat grains, damaged feed, kitchen waste, meat etc.

Pigs are fast breeders and require no urging and give birth to 6-12 piglets. Pigs have a short financial life cycle and are ready for the market in 6-8 months. The market for pigs is huge with very little international restrictions on trading pig meat.

The poultry industry has become more and more dependent on technology. Poultry is highly susceptible to diseases and recently bird flu has plagued the industry world wide.

Specialized feed, incubators, separate hatcheries, veterinary care is also required through out their life time. All these factors of risk and financial uncertainty make piggery comparatively safer and surer as an investment option.

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