Who Is The Biggest Employer In Preston?


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The biggest employer in Preston is the University of Central Lancashire. Other major employers in Preston are BAE Systems Plc (the fourth-largest defence contractor in the world) and InBev, a multinational group of breweries. Alstom is a French group whose key activities are power generation and manufacturing trains. They have a factory located on Strand Road, Preston. Matalan Retail PLC is a company that was established at Winckley Square in Preston (where the company's tax office is still located), but it moved to Skelmersdale in 1998. Preston's most famous convenience store chain is James Hall and Co., who are the suppliers to the Spar stores in the north of the country.

The Winckley Square locality is the area when many financial firms, law firms, insurance companies and consultancies are located. Gold Medal Travel, and its flagship brand Airline Network are also located at Preston. It is a major retail centre of the country, with arcades such as The Fishergate Centre, The Mall and The Miller Arcade.

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