How Do I Get My 2year Old Into Modeling?


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I'm not a mother, I'm twelve... Lol, but I'd have to say that your should at least wait till your son/daughter is older. When your child gets older you can see their face and body structure better and tell what they will look like when they grow up. Also, when you're two years old, I think you want to have more fun and family time, etc, etc, I don't think you want to get pushed around with all these flashing lights in your face, getting pushed against a white sheet or something. And when your child gets older she/he might actually know what modeling is, if the child doesn't already. If you take this as rude, I didn't mean it to be, at all. Like I said I'm twelve! I'm twelve and I wouldn't want to model! This is my opinion, but if your kid goes into modeling, then GOOD LUCK! XP
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I agrre with you but if she really wants to get into modeling starting youngue gives her experience and the right stuff she needs
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Hi I am a model for vogue and to get your child in  to modeling she needs to join and agency.Most models her age should look very cute and small.Modeling agencys mainly take brown or blonde children with blue or brown eyes but any combination is taken.If you look around you will find there are many oppertunitys.Is the child a girl or boy ?
Hair colour?
Eye coulour ?
If you post more info I can help
hope this helps
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There are numerous acting and modeling opportunities available for 2 year olds, Since there are so many products for kids now and so many tv channels for them as well. There are many websites on the internet where you can submit the portfolio of your kid and they will call you for suitable auditions:

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