What Are Some Good Questions To Ask A Hair Stylist In A Interview?


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Why did you choose this line of work? What is it that drew you to the beauty industry?

Tell me about your technical skills. What are your strong areas and what are your areas of opportunity.
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A hair stylist has to have energy to stand on their feet all day, and deal with and listen to client's stories and problems all day, so, the number one question to ask them is, Do you like people?.Can you communicate well with them and can you make suggestions and influence them?. Can you put yourself in their shoes, and help them with lack of confidence about their looks and the choices they make about their hair?

Can you do all the donkey work, like washing hair, sweeping up cuttings and answering the phone, in between clients to make appointments. Can you work well within a team? As hairdressers rarely work alone, but rather in a team, which includes a lot of compention for clients.

These questions involve the personality which, apart from the creativity needed, requires an outgoing personality and energy and commitment to a profession involving long hours, and service.
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If they are experienced ask them what their previous employer would describe them they would describe them? What are their details?Commission numbers like as well as client retention. Also, what was something or sometime they felt pressure at their previous job. I was just asked these questions in my interview for the salon I was hired at.

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