What Should I Do If My Boss Calls Me A Liar In Front Of Everybody?


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If your boss has a problem with your loyalty, performance, integrity, or anything to do with you and your ability to do the job at hand, then this should be conducted on a face-to-face basis in somewhere quiet and private like his or her office.

To do this in front of your colleagues illustrates a lack of managerial nous and verges on bullying. If by everybody you mean the public or customers then this suggests a shocking lack of tact and brand perception. Both cases show a disregard for your professionalism and a lack of respect.

Without knowing what specific charges your boss is leveling at you means that I cannot specifically respond to the particular details of your case. But first and foremost you should swiftly move the confrontation away from the eyes and ears of everyone, explaining that you think that his or her methods for dealing with problems are inappropriate. Ideally you should ask what he or she thinks has happened and explain coolly and rationally where they are wrong. Don’t bite and don’t get angry, I know that is easier said than done, but losing your temper will not help you resolve this issue and will probably give your boss the kicks they were after. 

But if your boss is intent on continuing this dialogue in public then I’d regard this as bullying and thankfully you’ll have the law on your side. Depending on where you are there could be specific and comprehensive workplace bullying legislation, namely Nevada, Illinois, Utah, New Jersey, Washington, New York, Vermont, Oregon, Montana, Connecticut, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts or California. If you live outside these states you may have to head down the line of discrimination or harassment law. Check out - www.healthyworkplacebill.org/
Ideally you should take your meetings with a member of the human resources department also present who should act as a natural mediator.

Remember to keep calm and rational at all times. The people you know you will stand by you.

Good luck!
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Well you should try to prove him wrong,a job is too hard to lose now a days.
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I am, she told me to wait until monday to talk about it further, when she already yelled at me
for 5 min in front of everybody.
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If you can prove him wrong you can sue for damages - but you might also lose your job in the process.
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I am seriously debating if I should file a claim for hostile work environment. Do you know how long it will take to do something like that?

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