Describe Your Favorite Teacher And Explain How This Teacher Influenced You?


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My favourite teacher was mister Roberts. He was my English teacher from grade 10 to 12. I made sure I had him the every yea after our first week together I knew he would always be my favourite teacher.

I had a teacher the year before who was quite funny, but it was an immature funny, unlike Mr. R. He's always quick to make a joke and if you were late for class you would have to either sing or dace foolishly in front of the entire class.

Other then him being the funniest guy I have ever met, he's also very intelligent and can teacher you more then you've bargained for. When he teaches you a lesson, he will use the class as an example. Let's say he was about to teach what a "Hyperbole" is and someone isn't paying attention. He will start yelling at them saying, "I've told you a thousand times pay attention. If you do it again I will phone your mother!" He does this so seriously, so if you were not paying attention you'd be frightened.

Also, he has the same interests as me: Simpsons, Sci-Fi, and ABBA! =P

Roberts is considered to be the toughest English teacher in that school, but if you listen, he becomes the most entertaining as well.

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