Describe Your Role, Responsibilities And Boundaries As A Teacher/trainer/tutor In Terms Of The Teaching/training Cycle?


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My role as a teacher/trainer/tutor is to support the educational needs of my students during the teaching/training cycle. I strive to provide my students with great communication, a warm and friendly learning atmosphere and excellent lesson plans that clearly state course work guidelines and expectations.

I enjoy creating a sense of cooperative spirit in the classroom; however, I do have boundaries, and these include:

  • Manners - I will not permit any rudeness in the classroom
  • Respect - students must be respectful of me, and of other students
  • Language- No off-color language is permitted in the classroom, for any reason.
At times, I will spend extra hours speaking with students about any academic issues; these meeting will be set by me, at the request of the student. I will only meet with students in the classroom; since my school is open late, this is not a problem. However, I will give students privacy during the conference, by closing doors and window, and by keeping my voice modulated during the conversation.

My overarching goal is to give students the support they need to grow and to absorb the source materials. I will reward merit and good attitude with positive reinforcement. However, I never play favorites in the classroom, because this is very divisive behavior.

Being a teacher, trainer or tutor can be quite stressful at times; often, evenings are spent grading or working on lesson plans. For many teachers, the vocation is a labor of love, and it is a lifelong passion. To keep my enthusiasm for teaching alive, I take frequent workshops to learn more about new teaching methods. I also reward the class occasionally by planning a fun outing or other safe, positive activities.

Every teacher must set boundaries and expectations and reinforce them daily - there is fine line between authority and over-familiarity. As long as my students are respectful and polite, communication remains open and honest in my classroom.

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