How To Write A Leave Letter Due To Family Issues?


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If you are wishing to leave a job or course due to family issues then it is certainly correct to write a letter asking for permission.

Writing a letter that requests your leave to be granted due to family issues is fairly straightforward to do.

Simply follow these steps:

• Head to your computer or laptop
• Open up Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program
• Open up a new document
• Using the 'right align' button type in your full name and address
• Using the 'left align' button type in the full name of your boss
• Underneath this type in the full address of the company or institution

Now you are ready to write the body of your letter. First you need to address the person you are asking permission from. Therefore you type Dear and then the name of the person.

Next you need to explain your request by stating that you wish to leave your current job or course and that it is down to personal family issues. If you wish to expand on the problems you have with your family then this could help your case but it is also understandable if you would prefer to keep this private.

You should finish your letter with either 'Kind regards' or Yours Sincerely'. Then leave a gap where you can sign the letter once printed.

Once you've printed the letter on good quality paper you can either post it or deliver it personally to the appropriate party.
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I am job in a company but not leave in how to rite for company manager

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