What Skills I Need To Become A Hairdresser And Beautician?


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O Practical ability
o Creativity and artistic attitude
o Hand and finger dexterity for using different hairdressing tools
o They should be healthy and fit because they work long and demanding hours standing on the feet
o Determine if they have any allergy to any hair products
o Responsible
o Patience
o Excellent communication, diplomacy, and organizational skills
o Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures, when handling and dealing with different substances, materials, tools, and scalp reactions
o Ability to work under pressure an d effectively as a team
o Most of all, they should know their hairdressing skills
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Well you need to get A levels to become a hairdresser, and need to get into college on courses,
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None are required the job is usually reserved for school dropouts and people who don't wish to advance in life

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