What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Hair Dresser? And What Qualifications Does My Friend Need To Work With Children?


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Laws regarding working with children vary from state to state, so you need to specify the state.  in some cases, you need no qualifications for a small number of kids, but if it's a larger group, you have to obtain a license.  as for the hairdressing, I don't know, sorry.
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You have to have 2 nvq levels for hairdressing but if you go on to level 3 nvq it just means its a higher hope you will be getting a job at a high paid place then working in some small hairdressers but you have to make sure you do plenty of hairstyles and you pass in them
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To Be A Hairdresser You Need NVQ Level 2 And 3 Hairdressing
Level 2 Takes Up To 2 Years
And Level 3 Takes Up 1 year
Hope This Helps

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