What Are The Benefits Of A Informal Team?


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• The possible benefit of joining various skills and knowledge

• Greater inspiration and input and therefore less boredom

• The ability for individuals to be more successful working together than on their own

• Members develop wider skills and can cover when others are absent

• Previously undiscovered skills are revealed

• People get to see projects or tasks through to completion

• People feel a sense of belonging

• Greater understanding and acceptance of decisions

• Everyone can be treated as an adult and pride in achievement encourages self-discipline


• Decisions may be slow (and more expensive).

• Individuals may dominate the groups.

• The group may take greater risks than any individual.

• Where groups strongly relate they may develop ‘groupthink’ in which the desire for consensus or harmony overtakes accuracy, critical thinking and impartiality.

• Problems arise when decisions are adjusted to satisfy the minimum requirements of every member rather than the teams overall best interests.
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Different opinions and approaches towards achieve tasks can be shared amongst members.
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