What Are The Responsibilities Of Good Reporter?


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There are many responsibilities which can make a good reporter. Here are a few tips to ensure that you can equip yourself with all the necessary skills of being a good reporter.

1.  Know your craft

If you enjoy writing and have specialist knowledge in a subject than you are more likely to succeed as a reporter. Reporters often write for a variety of print and online publications and build up a portfolio of work that gives them an edge over others. You have to be able to have knowledge of the subject you are writing on to deliver a good report.

2.  A balanced report

A good reporter knows that if they are writing a news item they should refrain from expressing their personal views and maintain a balanced, neutral report.  It is imperative for any reporter to express both sides of the story remaining fair and in adherence to the publication's code of ethics.

3.  Know how to ask the right questions

A good reporter always ask the right questions. It important therefore to do some background research on the person you are interviewing so you know the best questions to ask to get the quotes you need for your article.

4. Be truthful

There are many stories of dishonest reports but a true reporter knows the importance of being truthful and stating the facts. Exceptional journalists have been those who have stuck to the truth and presented the facts without any intervention.

5. Be courageous

Some of the best reporters are those who are courageous and cover stories around the world often in war stricken countries.  Reporters are not afraid to cover a story anywhere in the world in order to express the news in real time.

6. Own your writing skills

It is important to have excellent writing skills and continue this when writing up your report. Most reporters double check their work two or three times before publication.

I hope these tips help any budding reporters who want to know the best ways to own their craft.

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