What Personal Qualities Make A Good Journalist?


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The qualities necessary for a good journalist may be enumerated as follows :-

1) Resourcefulness:- A good journalist is supposed to be resourceful in order to access credible sources of information and so as to gain access to all important events. They need to be in touch with government agencies and officials all the same and are supposed to be in sync with public opinion on the street at the same time.

2) Critical:- In order to separate truth from propaganda and dogmas that may distort truth in order to meet the goals of certain individuals a journalist has to be critical about the information he or she receives and needs to analyze it thoroughly before putting his pen to paper.

3) Objective:- A journalist is supposed to put aside personal biases and should net let his emotions cloud his judgment. He should maintain the veracity of his claims supported by evidence and is not supposed to allow his personal prejudices get the better of him.

4) Conscientious:-  Pen is mightier than sword for sure as journalists have a power over the minds and hearts of their readers and this calls for self-accountability. A journalist is not supposed to use his influence in order to meet personal objectives and should be well aware of the consequences that may result from his actions. A personal code of conduct and a strict work ethic must be adhered to by all aspiring journalists in order to excel as individuals and journalism professionals.

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