How Many Hours In A 24 Hour Period Can An Employer Force You To Work?


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vijay mangal answered
As an employer point of view, every employer wants more work from their employees but he should not forget that if he does this it will be harmful for his organization because employee will leave the organization so the employee turnover will increase. If the employee turnover is increase, organization will be in dangerous situation. So employer should not take as much work from employee.
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I really just wanted to add something to the answer that was already posted  your supposed to get breaks  like work 2 hours 10 min you work 4 hours you get a 30 min lunch or 8 hours a hour for lunch and so own but you really need to contact eh dept of labor and find out their rules like the person who answered this before I did
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You need to speak with the department of Labor. Do you get overtime. Depending on the field of work a person does, the typical work week is 40 hours, that includes lunch. Different establishments have different rules. Speak with the Dept. Of Labor.

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