We Live In Texas. What Are The Maximum Number Of Hours An Employer Can Require You To Work In A 24 Hour Period?


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Anything over an 8 hour day requires overtime pay of the normal time and a half.  But, if a person agrees to work overtime, then there aren't regulations as to how many hours.  That is determined by the employer and the employee agreeing to this.  Is he being told to work, or ask to work?? What the concern should be is; is your husband getting paid the time and a half rule??  This is calculated on a daily number of hours, not weekly, with a pay period running from Sunday, midnight through Monday, midnight.
There are people to answer these questions at your state Employment Security Division.  You should call the main office in your state capital where they have people who answer these question everyday.  It would be safer than calling your local because many times in communities, the politics interfere with the law.  Your privacy in this matter as well as you getting the correct answers are both equally important.  So, ask the experts after reviewing the answers here.

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