What Are Some Good Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week Bulletin Boards?


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With Teacher Appreciation Week looming at the end of every school year, it’s understandable that parents and students will want to show their tutors for the academic year of how much their help and support has been valued. There are plenty of websites online that boast poignant poems and vivacious verses that your teacher will love, and reading this at the front of class or sticking it on a bulletin board is a lovely idea. Your child might want to write it out themselves and show off their handwriting skills, drawing some pictures in order to provide that personal touch. Of course, any teacher would want to know who went to such effort for their enjoyment, so make sure that the student’s name is placed at the bottom!

You may also consider printing off some photos from school trips throughout the year, or other events that may have been held on the campus in the blissful months of partnership. It could be an excellent idea for a student to write down their favourite bits of the year, in addition to a few humorous bad moments to document the ups and downs of school life. Getting a massively elaborate ‘goodbye’ card can also be a lovely gesture, with all of the schoolchildren signing with their well wishes. Of course, this can be difficult for younger students or parents to coordinate, and so a teaching assistant within the school may offer their support when the teacher is busying around doing something else. As long as its colourful, you can be assured that the tutor will be moved and touched by the elaborate gesture of their class, realising how appreciated they are in Teacher Appreciation Week.
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I blew up a checke rboard and put it on the bulletin board. I then enlarged black and red checkers and put the teachers picture and name on the checkers with the saying "check out our teachers'. I cut out small checkers and glued them around the border.
I mad ea zig-zag clothesline on the bullein board and found articles of clothing,on line, shirts skirts, pants etc.,copied them from different cardstock and wrote the teachers name and class on the clothing with the saying "Great Teachers hang out Here" I found small clothes pins to hand them on the clothesline.
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I decorate our main office as a "red carpet" theme with walk of Fame stars at each desk and a real gown (recycled from a wedding) on one door and a Tux (out of paper)on the other. It was very cute

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