Any Ideas For A Workplace Bulletin Board? I'm Looking For Something Motivational.


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A bulletin board is a great way to engage with and motivate your staff. I'd recommend including the following items:

  • Fun posters that promote company values
  • Newsletter/workplace information to keep everyone updated
  • Contests and competitions that act as an incentive for employees
  • Praise and good news
What to put on your workplace bulletin board
Putting a bulletin board up in your office or staff room is a great way to get everyone at your workplace involved in day-to-day operations.

Humorous posters are great on bulletin boards. You could opt for a straightforward motivational message like this 'Nurses make it better' poster - which would look great in a nurse's station.

Alternatively, you could opt for a slightly more sarcastic (but still very humorous and motivational) approach.

I'm personally really big on newsletters and, even if there's not much going on, I make a point of publishing a weekly update that I post on the staff bulletin board at work. This helps boost the sense of inclusion and teamwork that is vital in any role.

Contests are great, too - because they challenge people to improve their performance, but can also be lighthearted fun. I firmly believe there's no harm in a little workplace competition.

Finally, good news is a must-have! There's so much to be worried and depressed about in the world these days, that a bit of praise goes a long way to creating a positive working environment.
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Well you can have a picture of a brain . With different areas of the brain functionality as it relates your job, introduce a topic or idea, comic strip or article.

Create topics or a group of topics and how the all correlate.

Use phone border and backgrounds. Old news paper, cds for border, computer chips, hand printed baclgrounds. Magazine cut outs.

Think fun and functionality.

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