What Is The Importance Of Teamwork In The Army?


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Teamwork is more than just important in the army – it’s needed for survival.

Working as a team makes things safer, faster, and more efficient – in a military situation, these things can be the difference between life and death.

Why Is Teamwork So Important In The Army?
  • Teamwork is safer. If everybody is looking out for each other, fewer people will get hurt. It’s easier to concentrate on the task in hand when you know that someone’s watching your back.
  • Teamwork is efficient. Working together and communicating means that military operations can be organized and properly coordinated. If everyone worked independently, there’d be chaos.
  • Teamwork saves time.  If several soldiers had to cross a river, and each built their own raft, it would take all afternoon. However, if they all worked together to make a raft, it would take an hour or two – and less energy would be wasted.
  • More can be achieved as a team. Think of how complicated an anthill is, with all the different tunnels and chambers and food stores. One ant could never build that by themselves, but as a colony, it’s easy. The military is a bit like that.
  • Working as a team means shared responsibility. Being in the army can be emotionally devastating, but working as a team means that you're not alone - you're surrounded by people who have experienced the same things as you have. This support and camaraderie is really important in the military.
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A group of solders operating as a team is very important, especially in combat conditions.

It's like a football team - the closer the team is, the better they play and understand each other's weaknesses and strengths. That, and talent, is what produces a winning team.

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