Describe The Purpose And Importance Of Teamwork In The Police?


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The police have teams for help and maintain. There are many types of departments within the police such as PCSO’s and the metropolitan police. Both of these and many other departments of the police include teams of people which have a variety of roles to play. A team work together and use many skills such as communication skills, team building. The team help motivate other members within the group involving them in the specific job there are doing. This gives effective inputs and outputs for the team achieving the best potential results.
It is important to ensure people in the team do their job properly making it successful. Teams within the police force are a major significance to the public. They need to stick together and support each other to achieve the goal of what is required of being a police officer. The Police are there to act for the public preventing and stopping crime from happening. They need to have the correct skills to play a successful part in a team of other officers.
Teamwork is in the public service to protect each other. The police are constantly patrolling certain areas and work together in pairs or teams. It’s important that officers are in groups of twos in case anything happens; there is one to help out. By the officers sticking together and looking out for each other it enables them to do their job effectively achieving what they aim to achieve. This shows that they are doing their job properly which makes society a safer place to be in.

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