What Jobs Include Using Magnets?


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The jobs that I can think of that use magnets are:

  1. Scrap metal firms - This was the first job that came to mind when thinking of jobs that use magnets, as the magnet used in a scrap metal firm is so big!

    The magnet on machines used in this industry sits on the end of a crane, and enables workers to be able to sort different metals from each other, as only some types of metal will stick to the magnet.

  2. Train drivers- Magnets are used by train drivers as they are used in a trains automatic warning systems, the magnets in the train and in the track allow the train to be warned when approaching a signal. 
  3. Clothes shop worker- This may sound like a strange one, but magnets are used to take the alarms off clothes before you are allowed to take them out of the store. A magnet fixed into the shops counter is stronger than the one in the alarm, and therefore pulls the alarm off the garment when put near the stronger magnet.

  4. Doctors - Doctors will use magnets in some of the equipment they use, such as when giving an MRI scan. There is also research into using magnets to give pain relief.
  5. Navigators - People that work for example, on a ship, will use magnets to help them navigate by using a compass. A compass works by the needle on the instrument matching with the Earth's magnetic field, so will always point North.

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