What Are The Jobs That Have Been Replaced By Technology?


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Manufacturing is one area where human resources are being replaced by technology.

As an example, you only need to think of the 'robot arms' that have turned automotive production lines into scenes like this, when they used to look more like this.

However, I think it's accurate to say that technological development has meant that machines have replaced (or at least altered) the role of humans in every sector.

Jobs taken by machines
Everyone from payroll clerks through to travel agents have been affected by the rise of technology. Whilst there is still space for human employment, it's impossible to argue that technology isn't having an impact on just how many job vacancies there are.

Take travel agents as an example: These days, you can easily browse the internet and get information about every travel destination in the world.

You can also compare airline prices and book tickets, simply by clicking on your mouse. This means that there's a lot less work left for human travel agents to do.

Also, next time you go to the supermarket and use the self-checkout machines, take a second to think how - less than 10 years ago - a human being would have been doing the cashier's job.

Will machines take all our jobs? While there will always be a role for humans to play (at least in the short-term), technology and automation certainly is affecting employment in a number of industries.

Looking to the future, it seems likely that the situation can only get worse. For example, we're only a few decades away from self-driving cars, automated pharmacists, and software-based legal advice.
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Is there a list of all these jobs on the net? I think we need to know what has been happening... Does anyone know a site that lists jobs that have been lost or are at stake?
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-Shop check-outs
-Ordering for restaurants

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