How To Write An Experience Certificate For Depot Manager?


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I need a work experience certificate format to submit my details to a organization
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This is to certify that Mrs.Vinitha.M, Asst. Prof. In DAPM R.V.Dental College, Bangalore, in the department of Microbiology is teaching the subject to our I year Basic B.Sc., Nursing students from 2003 to 2005, She coordinate all the programmes and had good relationship with staff members

I wish Mrs.Vinitha.M Good luck in her future endeavors.

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Well, the basic format for writing experience letter is the same. You would just need to highlight the personality traits of the person and his accomplishments during the job. The main purpose is to make the potential employers aware of the person's suitability for the job. Here is a link from where you can get sample experience letters:
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I have this particular format.

This is to certify that (Full name of the employee) residing at (his./her address), was working with (us OR Company name) as (last post held) from (date of joining) to (last date of employment). During his/her tenure with the company he/ she was found to be sincere and hardworking.

The management wishes him/her good luck for his/ her future endeavor.

There are other formats also wherein who can put a brief about the job profile also.

Though I am not that experienced in the field of HR but hope this might help you



Date: ______


Mr./Ms. ______was employed with ______ (company name) from ______ to ______. During his/her tenure with us, he/she ably handled major responsibilities in ______. His/her major responsibilities included

His/her gross emoluments at the time of leaving ______ (company name) was Rs.______/-

We have found him/her to be a self starter who is motivated, duty bound, a highly committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge of ______(domain name

We wish him/her all success in his/her future endeavors.

Manager- HRD


(Should be on a Official Company Letterhead)


Dated On:

This is to certify that (Applicant's Name) is working with (Applicant's Company Name) as a (Applicant's Job Title) from______to______.

(Applicant's Name) is a sincere, honest, hardworking, dedicated employee with a professional attitude and very good job knowledge.

(Applicant's Name)'s job responsibilities are as bellow:
• Prepare financial statements and reports for clients or company management.
• Record the amount of money spent and received daily by clients or company management, using computer cash-flow software.
• Develop and check budgets.
• Recommend an appropriate tax structure for a client to use the most efficient way of holding tax assets.
• Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
• Give advice on a range of financial aspects of a business such as budgets, tax and cash flows.
• Analyze how well a business is performing financially.
• Review businesses' accounting procedures.
• Assist management with strategic planning and human resources (HR).
(Applicant's Name) is an enthusiastic and resourceful professional and an asset to the organization. I wish all the best and success in future career endeavors.

Signature of the person issuing the letter
Name of the person issuing the letter
Title of the person issuing the letter

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