I Am A Freelance Soft Skill Trainer With Good Education And Vast Experience. I Want To Write My Cv In Such A Way That It Will Not Only Attract Organisations That Need Trainers From Time To Time But Also For Organisations That Have Training As An Ongoing Process In Their Organisation. Can Someone Help Me?


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Apply on these basis:
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been working in the Consumer sales training department of United Bank limited a few months ago as a training coordinator, and now would like to specialize in human resources by working as a specialist. I provide below a brief overview of my ability to match your specific needs based on the position competencies.
· Conducted daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly training sessions in order to cover various aspects of training for the entire staff of UNSECURED sales so as to initiate changes and new improvements.
· Ensured and assisted in the setup of a self-sustainable structure which breed quality resources both in terms of hiring and training and to constantly update the same accordingly with the passage of time.
· Provided with updated and accurate information pertaining to the products and about the bank to all the newly inducted as well as to those who are currently on board.
· New and better training courses were identified.
· Developed and implemented a competency skill set which would have to be minimum requirement for all hire's
· Ensured that the records were updated in time to contain all the data about the salaried and variable staff.
· Conducted interviews.
· Ensured that all the Relationship Managers and Group Leaders attend at least 1 training each month while formulating relevant training courses for all the Relationship Officers on regular basis.
· Created self-training manuals for all Level positions in accordance to the banks policies.
· Formulated a Concept of the day theory to inspire relationship officers on daily basis with different motivational activities.
· Kept track on performance through pop quizzes.
· Trainings conducted on the following topics
o Organizational Behaviour
o Communication skills,
o Personal Development,
o Assertiveness and self confidence,
o Selling,
o Customer services,
o Product Training for all the unsecured Loans for UBL (credit card, running finance, personal loan) &
o Team Building.
I hope you will consider meeting me to talk about how I can bring my communication and organizational skill to this position.
Please call me at 78998776655 to set up an appointment at your convenience. Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume and considering me for your company.


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There is a training that I got for doing an appealing resume when I took a Virtual Assistant course.
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