What State And Federal Legislation Governs Working Conditions As An Employee Of Dominos Pizza?


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In comparison to the rest of the world, working conditions in Australia are high regardless of where you work, so that means that State and Federal legislation encompasses all employers, and so Domino's Pizza employees can expect the same rules to apply to them, and also the same protection.

One of the main characteristics of Australian industrial relations is the extremely high level of union membership, and also a state determined, but federally driven compulsory arbitration and conciliation system. These industrial relation practices are specifically stated in the Conciliation and Arbitration Act of 1904, and encourage employer associations to recognize unions. Not only that, but the unions must be empowered to make working condition claims for employees.

This national system is supplanted by the distinct industrial relations legislation of each of the six states, even though there is a high level of state intervention in the work place.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) dictate the minimum standards of pay and the working conditions that an employer must meet, so if you have any concerns that yours are not being met, these are the people to whom you should turn.

As with many countries, women have struggled for equality in the workplace, but the Affirmative Action Act (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women) of 1986 means that employers are obliged to remove any discrimination towards women and to actively promote equality. Despite this, evidence shows that the majority of women in Australia earn less than men. Some of this has been blamed on the fact that women are not encouraged to find employment in areas which have a high status. If you feel that this is something that this Act is not being adhered to, again you can turn to ACTU for help and advice.
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There is OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration which governs the working conditions for any commercial place. It is a federal agency under the department of labor. Check out osha.gov

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