What Do You Call A Person Who Takes Blood?


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Phlebotomist is the technician that draws the sample from the pt. A Hematologist is the doctor that studies blood bourne diseases. And the lab technician is the persons who runs the tests on the blood samples.
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The blood sample is given to find out any pathology any where in body and also to find out blood diseases.  The blood sample is given in laboratory, Usually a technician take the sample or the doctor called pathologist collect blood sample.
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If you need to give a blood sample your physician must have ordered it, so his secretary should tell you where to get one. A phlebotomist draws blood, but so does lab techs. What about the hospital where you are to deliver? They need to know results so they can prepare for your delivery should you need blood. If your Physician cannot help you with this, I would consider finding another Doctor.

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