Describe A Situation In Which You Worked With A Difficult Person. Describe Your Actions And What Was The Results.


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A few years ago I was working with a colleague who had previously had a more senior position than me. Partly through bad luck, partly through his own mistakes, he had ended up on a level with a less qualified person (me.) He tried to get back some authority by querying and criticising every decision I made. Where he was the decision maker, he expected me to follow his instructions without question, but where I was in charge he always tried to take over.

Eventually I decided exactly what to say to him (I even wrote it down beforehand, to help myself keep calm.) More or less, I said, "Jim, I've noticed that you're not happy with a lot of my decisions. Would you like to tell me more about how you think we should do things differently?"

This worked because he didn't really have a problem with anything I did, just with the fact that he was no longer the boss. After this there was no more niggling; if he really disagreed, he just said so, which was fine.
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I worked with  someone who did not want to do her job by receiving mail I would give her
that she handle, she would have an attitude. I spoke to her nicely to let her know if she were  me how would she handle the situation and she should be more accepting to show that she need her job. She did not say anything much but smile and said ok.

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