What Is The Minimum Starting Salary After Doing In Biotechnology In India?


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India is said to have colleges and universities that specialize in biotechnology and if you have attended one of  these top educational institutions, you are more likely to have a higher starting salary after B.Tech.

Although this is the case, there are factors that will change your starting salary so it will depend on these more than what and where you have studied.

  • Where you work
The part of the world that you work in will have an influence on your starting salary. This is obviously because of the different economies and how much an average salary is in each country. If you are working in a country that is poor in comparison to other parts of the world and is inexpensive to live in, you will be paid less than if you were working somewhere as expensive as central Manhattan.

  • What level of B.Tech you have
Although you have a B.Tech, there are different levels that you can get e.g. Pass or distinction. You will obviously be paid more per year if you have a higher grade in your educational achievements. This is the same as any other qualification.

  • What you do
Although you have studied biotechnology, there are many different jobs that you can go into with this qualification. This being the case, your salary will completely depend on what role you go into after you have finished your studies. Have a look at the different avenues you can go down and you will find that the salary will differ greatly.

  • The company you work for
Your salary will also depend on what company you work for. If you work for a large multinational company, you are much more likely to be higher paid than if you work for a charity.
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I don;t think so any B.Tech Biotech student will be paid more than 10k immediately... He has to struggle a lot jus to get into a industry... First join as an intern (about 5k).. Den a starting salary of 8k to 12k... Sometimes feel that a gate keeper would earn lot more..!!!
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The minimum starting salary of a B.Tech in biotechnology is drawing initially 20,000 per month and it also depends on company to company so you should apply in different companies.

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