I Am A B-tech Biotechnology Student. I Am Very Anxious About My Future. What About The Chances Of A Career In India And Abroad?


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It would work, but you would not receive the pay as good as you would get in America. Good luck!
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The career options available today are vast and all-encompassing. There are dedicated careers dealing in almost every form of activity. While businesses look after making products and services available to the lay man, the world of medicine explores the human anatomy. While engineering gears us for future prospects, the world of biotechnology applies to all biological systems.

In the very aware and sensitive lifestyles we lead today, the sphere of biotechnology has led to a better understanding of the world around us. Biotechnology involves the application of technology available to study biological systems and living organisms. It uses this study to further modify or make products and various allied processes for specific use. The placements include Research and Development, Quality Control, Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Formulation. In addition to these, there are companies that employ qualified biotechnologists to handle requirements in human resources, multimedia, regulatory affairs and information systems. A biotechnologist plays a very vital role in the health and safety of our environment.

The number and quality of placements in India and abroad for a biotechnologist are worth pursuing. There is an incessant need for these professionals the world over and the placements carry along all the benefits and perks usually associated with salaried employment and the opportunity to travel and learn more.
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I b.sc bio tech completed on 2006 right now I m job less and realy I m very anxious about my featuer pls hlep me and suggs me any better feild for me

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