Where To Obtain Free Printable Stna Practice Test For State Of Ohio?


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It will be best to find out a site first rather than to just look on line. All the sites that come up through Google do not lead to a proper site that lets you download them. Most are not even anything to do with nursing and a few have caused the computer to have to carry out a protection scan as they risked infection.

There is a site here that does provide a test for you but they make it very clear that it is only a trial and the result you get with this will in no way reflect how you may do when you actually take the exam. It is still a good way to find out how questions are phrased and the topics that may be covered It will also be helpful in allowing you to time yourself so as when you take the exam you will know how long you can spend on each question

This does not specify anything about Ohio but is for Delaware so the questions may not be phrased in quite the same way but as the same sort of information will be needed for nurses wherever they are working it will be worth looking at it and getting an idea of what to expect.

It may be an idea to speak to your tutors and see if your hospital or college has any of their old papers online and if they do not they could start to download them. This way you would know that they were relevant to the state you are in and may even be part of the exam you eventually take.

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