Why Do We Need To Undergo On The Job Training?


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On-the-job training is the process through which the skills and the experience of the employees at work are increased. It includes all of the best training methods which are planned, organized and then conducted at work places. If you are in school required to undergo On-the-job training then you are being trained for the practical life. Only memorizing theoretical concept cannot enhance your skills and your productivity on jobs and to sharpen your skills such training programs are beneficial at this stage.
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     Whenever a new employee comes to the organization, he is not familiar with the environment and working condition. To become accustomed to the organization and how they work, the employee needs an introductory session to understand the operations. This can be a formal class room like session or it can be on the job training as well. On the job training is a very good way to train the employees and tell them how they should work, what are the processes involved in it. This is very helpful especially when there are just a few newcomers and it is not economical to arrange an entire session for them. In this way if the new worker can easily understand the actual work process instead of the theoretical stuff. They can easily ask questions and solve their problem as they arise in the work process. It does not waste any time as well and the worker starts the job right away.
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We need on the job training to better our skills and to set forth to a great career.
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Training makes you more confident before entering into the field.

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