How Do/would You Optimize Performance And Lift Standards In A Team?


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• Communication

When working in a team, the best thing that you can do to ensure that you can lift standards is going to be by using the right communication. If you know what everyone is doing and they are sure on the position that they should be taking, you will find that there are going to be less problems and much less confusion with regards to people not know where they should be and what they should be aiming for.

Staff are going to work harder if they can communicate with their boss successfully and discuss any problems which they may have.

• Goals

One of the most successful ways to ensure that standards are going to be lifted within a team is to ensure that you have the correct goals in place that everyone is going to have meet and aim for. If we have aims and deadlines, we are going to work to ensure that we meet them successfully. You are also going to find that members of staff are going to work as a team to ensure that the group targets and goals are met successfully.

• Rewards

Although working and being successful is going to be the main reward, you can also have bonuses in place for the whole group and for certain individuals if all of the targets are met successfully. Standards in a team can sometimes be hard to lift, but if you make sure that you have rewards for everyone's hard work after a certain amount of time, you will find that everyone is going to be much happier about the position they are in and the work that they are doing.

• Discussions

With discussions you can be aware of the different problems which the team may have and how you can improve on these. Lifting standards may be as simple as sorting out the easiest problems and therefore this is going to save you a lot of time and effort.

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