What Are Your Standards Of Success In Your Job?


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My standards of success is simple. That is when you got the job that you really want  that requires your interest and morals or goals in life. When your work is recognized by your peers and subordinates . Working does not only requires your ability,capacity and knowledge but also needs LOVE. Treat your work not as a task but a reponsibility. This is your bread and butter so give your best. Recognition and promotion is also considered as success .You gained the managements trust that you can handle a bigger responsibility,this will not only give you better compensation but also the authority to handle people. Last standard of success is the feeling of satisfaction/fulfilment you gained from the fruits of your work.
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From your question, I am assuming that you are talking about an individual's standard of success in their job and not what the organization views as the standard of success.

Different people have different standards for success. For one person it might be the amount of salary he gets and for another it might be the satisfaction he receives from the kind of work he does. Some other factors could be the comfortable relationship one has with his/her peers/seniors, the high amount of recognition and awards by the company; the level of authority a person has etc.

It's you who has to decide what is more important to you to be able to evaluate your level of success at your job. Ask yourself that what is that makes you want to stick/leave an organization. Find out what makes you feel like you are doing good/bad at your job.

If you want a personal example then I can safely say that the company I worked for previously didn't pay me much but it gave me a lot of opportunities to grow in my field and I was recognized for all the good work I did. For me that was my standard of how successful I am.

Good Luck with finding out your standard! :)
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The standard of my success is when I got the kind of job that I really wanted, and work in the company where in the seniors, boss, and even co-employees will treat me with no superiority at all, will also give recognition for the kind of job I did most,and most of all will make me feel so welcomed to the company, and lastly but not the least will pay me a reasonable salary for a job well done.
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You have a job that matches your morals and goals in life.The job pays you a reasonable wage, for the work that is required. You leave work feeling like you have accomplished something, helped someone, or you are working for the greater good. You may just be starting out with a small salary, but those are stair-steps to learning more skills. At least for the present you are making money to help support yourself. If you find a job where you are happy, making decent money, and like your co-workers, you are way ahead of the game.
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My standard of success is that; when I achieve my goals in life and fulfills my dreams. It could be a day to day basis, "like things that are needed to be done" to meet high expectations and rigid schedules.

It should be also supported with five vital pillars of success thus:
Hard work, pursuance, determination, confidence and reliability.
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Whatever job I have done till now, I have given it my very best.
When you are working for an organization, you learn what they require of you, what would make them happy, what would be seen as an increase in your productivity, what would be rewarded, what behaviour would be appreciated, what abilities you have would be seen as an asset, what accomplishment of yours could be vital in asking them for a salary increase etc.

When you figure all these things out, you start working towards them like I did. I managed to come up with the best work and I was rewarded for it.

I met the standards of success at my job by doing exactly what they required of me and putting in an extra effort to get recognized as one of the best people.I did outshine some of my colleagues because they worked like it was a liability whereas I worked to be successful. Even if I wasn't given monetary rewards sometimes, a pat on the back or my boss appreciating me in front of the whole team was more than enough.

You know you have reached the standard of success when your work becomes commendable and you are appreciated in one way or another.Increase in salary could be one of the criteria too.
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Depending where you are employed, they will expect higher standars, especially in the manufacturing dept.  My brother once worked in this home renovation, his boss had a meeting and said I expect 100% from my employees, my brother pointed out that he was giving 100% to his job, his bosses reply was well I want 110%.  Some employers are extremely difficult to deal with.  The best you can do is the best you can do.  There are ways of improving job performance and your success will result from the effort you show.   Then again, there are a lot of politics in the workplace, do the best you can without getting too involved in "office gossip" and stay away from employees who may contribute to a negative attitude
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Just be honest to yourself and your organization where you are working and also with your job. You will see that everything is going smooth and you must also be devoted and hard working.
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Standard of my success is when you got the kind of job that you really really wanted and requires your interest. Success is an achievement of your own goal in your life. Having stable job in this time is so hard it's like earning one's trust once you lose it, you can never get it back, that's you should be hardworking, loyal and honest.
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Success meaning is an achievement of a goal or objective, and for me my standard of success is having a stable job is a success.and to have a stable job, a person should be hardworking, loyal, honest,
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In school I think I am successful if I am 80 percent or higher...In life if a person manages to find happiness then you have found success!
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Since success can include people, places, and things, I just do the best, be the best I can be.  This is because capabilities are not firm for any person.
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Success is being happy. If money brings you happiness, then you're successful. If family is the source of happiness then when one has one, that's success. Whatever way a person finds happiness is success in my opinion ;)

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