What Can I Do To Get A Learnership In Social Work?


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Social work is a very rewarding career, but can also be very challenging due to the nature of the job, dealing with vulnerable adults and children.

The best way to get a learnership in social work, regardless of your level of study or what age you are, is to get some experience within the areas you will no doubt find yourself working in.

College Study And Work Experience

The requirements to get a learnership in social work differ from country to country. However, it's fair to say that most countries would allow a person of around 16 or over to gain some work experience working with young children and the elderly, although you may be closely monitored during this time as you are not yet a qualified social worker.

This work experience will look great on an application to a college or place of higher education, as it shows that you have given real thought and consideration about what working in the social work sector really takes.

If you decide to go the direct route and apply directly to a social work agency for your learnership, it will also stand you in good stead for your application

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