How Much Do The FBI Agents Get Paid An Hour?


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FBI agents get paid about 200,000 a year if you have at least 5 year of experince but when I first started I got paid 95,000 the more experience you have the more you get paid. I have a college with 20 years of experience and he gets paid 210,000 a year that is the max the goverment will allow us to get paid because of the budget crisis and all. But over all this job pays very well. I am only 28 and have built my dream house and I am very rich. Lets just say the goverment pays well because they know how we risk our lives everyday it is pretty nice.
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According to one source the FBI Agent salary starts at approximately $48,000p.a. Up to $87,000 p.a. For a senior grade special agent. These figures are indicative and vary with location, education and experience of course. If they worked a 40hr week, which obviously they don't their salary would start at $23 per hour.
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They get payed a lot for all there hard work! But do they have to go through college??
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I think that fbi should get paid at least 90 million $$

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