What Is Mass Media And Its Advantages And Disadvantages?


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Actually Advantage of mass communication
1-mass media give quick information
2- mass media he change our life style
3- mass media increase standard of living
4- mass media increase our knowledge
1- mass media make a criminal eg: Now a day some theft are looking movies like dhoom2 so he think he can do so we are do these as better
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Mass Media refers to all forms of media that are open to and accessible by the public. This includes newspapers, television, internet, magazines, radio etc. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of mass media to the society:
- Information
- News
- Entertainment
- Communication ( specifically for internet)
- Product reviews
- Can lead to wrong perceptions
- unrest
- Panic
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I could not said it better. there are a lot of good and bad with mass media to bad that they only censor what we need to hear and don't censor the false writings and get everybody in an uproar.
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Mass media advantages and disadvantages
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There are many pros and cons of the mass media. It can influence us to do stuff that is bad for us and others around us. However when it comes to tackling problems such as binge drinking, smoking and sexually transmitted diseases it can provide us with quick and essential information. The adverts for these are generally hard-hitting therefore make us think for a long time about the consequences of what smoking 15 cigarettes a day are, about how much we drink and who we have sexual relationships with. The information the mass media provides uses the shock factor, its the worst case scenario! But it can happen so we have every right to be aware of this. It also makes sure that the information they are trying to get out there is aimed at the right audience, for example it would be pointless to put anything about binge drinking on a childrens channel. That would be irrelevant. However by putting these adverts on channels such as 4 and music channels which is what the majority of young people watch they are getting the information across quickly.
However the disadvantage of the mass media is that the information that is provided is very minimal, it doesnt answer questions that people may have after the advertisements over. It provides you with a number which anybody can use to call and ask questions, but realistically who is going to call? A lot of people are ashamed or don't want to know. Another disadvantage is money, it costs a considerable amount of money to show adverts and because of this we are limited to information and are therefore not really getting the whole picture.!!
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There are various advantages and disadvantages of different types of medias. Generally talking about the advantages of media, it helps in the promotion of the products and the services. Media can distribute your message to your target market through various sources. Moreover, because of the availability of various types of medias, companies can go for the cheap sources of advertisements. Some of the disadvantages of media are as follows: Firstly, sometimes it overemphasizes on the message and present it to the audience. Secondly, it can sometimes give wrong message to the people. Thirdly, media can increase competition among the companies in an industry and companies can indulge in media war. Some advantages and disadvantages of different types of media are available on the given link:

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of media
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Mass media plays an important role in spreading the information in one way communication. Although it leads a path to illegal actions.

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There is a grain of truth in the words “TV is a root of all evil”. Have you ever thought of mass media (including television and the press) as “the fourth power”? It’s really so! To whom does the press serve? How to make out the truth and the false seen on a boob tube?
No matter to answer most of these questions. Everything is relative. Listen to the radio, watch TV and try to get to know where the relative truth is or trust only yourself. Remember, everybody lies (according to House M.D.).
If we take as an example dictatorial and authoritarian governments (China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.), I can scarcely believe that the mass media do reflect an opinion of the majority. In such countries the press usually reflects the opinion of the Ruling elite.
By the way, since TV came into existence, it used to be a source of information. Creators just had an intention to show everything that matters. Ten years back some used antennas to pick up TV, and got only one station, could see it barely.
Later, owing to technological breakthroughs, TV stations increased in number. Satellite TV has become the peak of perfection. But now television differs, and reminds of a reality circus.
I singled out pros and cons of watching TV. Unfortunately, I can’t say which of them are advantages and disadvantages (for ones some reasons are really good, for others not quite well):

• Brainwashing machine. A controlling tool. A useful method for the government to send subliminal messages and propaganda to the masses, and for businesspeople to brainwash said masses into butting their low-quality products, waste of time, a form of mind control.
• Lifestyle. You don’t have to go out to find out latest news. At the same time, watching TV without rest as well as playing online-enabled games will make you a couch potato or crazy about it.
• Side effects. Many people watch horrifying images on the news and watching TV all day long.

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