What Is The Advantages Of Mass Media?


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There are many advantages to mass media - since mass media is seen all over the world, it has the widest audience of any type of media, except perhaps online media, which is completely global. Examples of mass media in the modern world include:

• Satellite Radio
• Cable Television
• Newspapers With Mass Distribution (such as the New York Times)

Mass Media Sells Products

The biggest companies in the world rely on mass media advertising to sell their goods and services. Examples of companies who routinely use mass media to spread their corporate messages include Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds. These brands grow stronger and stronger, in part because of clever marketing that becomes a part of pop culture.

Today, almost anyone in a developed country could recognize the insignias of these companies - the logos, such as the apple motif, the Coca-Cola cursive writing symbol, and the golden arches, are everywhere in the public consciousness.

Big companies spend millions marketing their services and products via the mass media - it is very serious business. However, corporations aren't the only ones using mass media to their advantage. Politicians and certain political groups also use mass media to lobby for certain bills, or to gain voters before an election.

Smaller companies with tinier budgets may not have the means to launch mass media campaigns - instead, they must focus their global advertising initiatives on the World Wide Web, where marketing can be virtually free. In a perfect world, companies or people who need to promote could have unlimited funds to spend on traditional mass media ads, and lots of money left over to aggressively market their good and services on the Internet. Often, the best strategy is to focus funds on ads and marketing that are proven to drive sales and improve the public reputation of the company.

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