Where Can I Find A Sample Of A Building Maintenance Proposal?


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You can view a sample bid proposal form for building maintenance from the City of Durham, North Carolina by visiting:

According to, a cleaning company or a maintenance firm might be asked to submit a proposal, before they are hired to manage the maintenance of a building. This proposal gives the company, who owns the building the opportunity to assess the merits and abilities of a number of different service providers and service options before choosing which one to go with.

The most important things that must be included in a bid proposal form of this nature are:
•    The scope of work - outlining exactly what tasks and jobs you have agreed to perform. This should include repair works and preventative measures designed to stop problems from occurring in the first place.

•    Liability - the hiring company will want reassurances, that they will not be held responsible in the event that a maintenance worker is injured while performing his duties and that the maintenance company takes full responsibility for its employees. As the maintenance company will be granted access to the building, the hiring company may want assurances related to theft and vandalism.

•    Penalties and fees - there needs to be specific agreements on the costs of services (you should itemize these) and what fixed penalties will apply in the event that work is not completed to schedule.

Two recommended books for further information are:
•    'Building Maintenance' by Brian Wood (
•    'The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance & Budgeting' by David Cotts and Edmond Rondeau (

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