How Do I Renew My STNA License In The State Of Ohio?


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If your State Tested Nursing Assistant license has expired and you want to renew in the state of Ohio, it may be necessary for you to retake the course and the exam. This will depend slightly on how long your license has been expired for. You will be required to resit classes and exams if your license expired over 24 months ago as it is likely that you will need to be retrained or have your knowledge ‘topped up’ in order to be recognised as a State Tested Nursing Assistant in Ohio. You will be able to get more information from the state’s Department of Health. They will be able to give out advice that is specific to your situation and give you a better idea about what you need to do in order to become re-qualified.

State Tested Nursing Assistants have to renew their credentials every twenty four months in Ohio. Doing so will renew your listing on the registry and keep it active and current. Nurse aides must also work for a minimum of seven hours and a half in the two years prior to being re-listed. To get the license renewed you must show proof that you have carried out paid, nursing related work for this time otherwise you will be unable to remain a State Tested Nursing Assistant.

In Ohio you cannot be recognised as a nursing assistant until you have passed the Ohio state test. The state does not accept individuals who have the title Certified Nursing Assistant, only ones who have been qualified with the State Tested Nursing Assistant course and exam. In Ohio you will have to undertake at least seventy five hours of instruction. The first 16 will be spent in initial classroom instruction with the other 59 are dedicated to a combination of practical training and lectures.
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I work in an intermediate care MR/DD facility. Is there a form for renewal. How much does it cost to renew?
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I need the state board number

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