What Are The Top Career Options After 12th Class In Computer Field?


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Some career options you can consider include:
  • IT Tech
  • Field Maintenance Tech
  • Graphic designer
  • Systems administrator
  • .Net developer
  • Project manager
The computer field is broad, so it makes it a bit difficult to provide the exact jobs you might be able to find as top careers. You may find that a company like Apple, HP, Dell, and other tech companies are more than willing to take you on for your education. You may have to work up the ladder to some of the management positions.
One career that was not mentioned but should be a consideration, depending on your education, is research and development. In the R&D department, companies will take the brightest and most innovative students. If you have some really great innovations already you may be able to get into a beginning level position and work up to a top executive position in R&D.
Animation is another top career choice for many in the computer industry. Computer programming and game design are a couple of other industries that are seeking new entrants with top level educations to help continue the growth being seen in their industry.
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I,am appearing in 12th exam with physics, chem,math&computer science.Iam confident I will do good in exam. My interest is in computer field and wish to do engineering.Please advise what should I do engineering or some computer related course?

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