What are the different career options after fsc (pre-med)? What should i do? Which field has scope? In pakistan .My marks r not good (65%)


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There are a whole load of opportunities to choose from once an FSC pre-med has been completed. Obviously, which of them you pursue will depend on whether your score is high enough to gain entry, and scopes vary greatly within Pakistan. Some of the options, with scopes where possible, have been listed below.

  • Obvious Choices
Some of the more obvious options are the MBBS, or Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery; the Bachelor of Pharmacy, the Doctor of Pharmacy and the BDS, or Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Entry requirements for these may, however, be quite high and their scope, apart from the MBBS, is somewhat limited within Pakistan.

Then there is the option of going for a BS.C in Nursing, Physiotherapy or Medical Laboratory Technology. Entry requirements will have to be requested from relevant colleges or universities and scopes, again, are limited.

  • Agriculture
Individuals with the FSC pre-med are equally welcome in universities and colleges offering various degree course related to agriculture. There seems to be quite a scope for graduates once studies are completed, and details can be found at uaf.edu.pak.

  • The BHMS
The FSC pre-med also qualifies students to take part in the five year degree program for the Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences. The BHMS offers a range of job opportunities, some of which can be viewed at the University of Bahawalpur website.

  • Joining the Army
A score of 65% in the FSC pre-med will certainly be enough to join a career training program in the army, including the MBBS. Depending on the chosen course, this again opens up a whole range of opportunities.

  • Accountancy
Many FSC pre-med students choose to go into accounting. The main choices here are the ACCA or the CA, although the CA appears to offer the greatest scope.

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